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Issues Affecting Broward County

An everchanging landscape of criminal justice requires integrity and transparency. These are keys to providing security, justice, and economic prosperity for the citizens of Broward County. They will also play a vital role in helping stem the tide of school shootings, rise in veteran homelessness, and the opioid crisis. These are the important elements to 21st century prosecuting. What separates me from others is a diverse background in policy and an ability to look beyond legal documents and into the lives and experiences of the people affected by laws.

From Parkland to Lauderhill, from Deerfield Beach to Hallandale Beach our communities deserve to be safe!  Our office will lead the State in forward thinking prosecutorial strategies which promote a safe and economically prosperous community.  

Traditional criminal justice has been defined through the amount of incarcerated Floridians rather than an emphasis on victim’s rights and equitable punishment.  There can be no safety without justice.  There can be no justice without safety.

Safety in the community.  Justice in the courtroom.  Prosperity in our homes.  A safe community is a just community.  A just community is a prosperous community.

"A safe community is a just community.  A just community is a prosperous community.”

David Cannady


Victim Advocacy

Victims deserve to be safe! Protecting victims is our number one priority. We will ensure that all victims rights are upheld! Decreasing the time of prosecution and pioneering State Speedy Trial for specialized victims will allow victims to receive their much deserved justice without waiting for years. When David is State Attorney, no matter your race, ethnicity gender, sexual orientation, or economic class your rights will be upheld.

Security In Our Schools

Our schools deserve to be safe! We must investing in our school security. Partnering with our school system and police to better protect our children and secure all schools in Broward so that we can create a safe learning environment.


Investing in a new generation of technology, which protects officers and the public.

Gun Safety

Parkland, Lauderhill, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, these are just a few cities in Broward that are plagued by violent crime due to gun violence. These victims have been our neighbors and friends, mothers and daughters, sons and fathers. We deserve commonsense gun safety. Our 2nd Amendment right to bare arms is a closely held right in our State and it will remain so when David is State Attorney. But we cannot allow our communities to be plagued by gun violence. We will not abide. We cannot abide.


Florida is the #2 State in America in veteran homelessness. Broward County has among the highest level of homeless in the State. Crime has increased in Broward due to homelessness. Working with our cities and charitable organizations to stem the tide of homelessness will cut down on crime in our County.

Racial Justice

With the most diverse community in Florida, Broward County will lead the State in protecting victims of all races and ethnicities with swift justice for hate crimes perpetrated on our most vulnerable communities.


We have an obligation to protect all communities in Broward County. A safe community is a prosperous community. All of our communities deserve to be safe!


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Justice

As a prosecutor, David knows that mental health and substance abuse plagues our community. When David is State Attorney he will establish additional full time mental health and substance abuse courts. These courts will address an offender’s mental health needs while addressing all public safety concerns of the community.

Equitable Justice

The right punishment for the right crime. Equity within our system make us all safer and strengthens all communities. There can be no safety without justice. There can be no justice without safety.


We owe our veterans more! We must keep our promises to our services members! Florida is the #2 State in America in veteran homelessness. Many of our troops are coming back home and finding it harder and harder to integrate back into our communities. Broward County will ensure that the men and women of our armed forces will be given an opportunity to achieve their American dream.

Conviction Integrity Unit

Transparency and Integrity! These are the pillars on which our criminal justice system is built. Ensuring that all convictions are maintained at the highest level of integrity. When David is State Attorney he will create Broward’s first Conviction Integrity Unit. This unit will ensure that all convictions stand the test of time.


Re-entry is Job Creation!

Smart On Crime! 75% of convicted felons in Florida walk out of court once they are convicted. Establishing a process for folks to re-enter back into society allows us to be smarter on crime and grow our economy. Re-entry is Job Creation Creation.


Safety is sustainable! A sustainable criminal justice system lays the foundation for growing economy. A safe community is a just community. A just community is a prosperous community.

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